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Fleet Fueling

Stuck Enterprises is proud to announce that we are a Voyager Channel Marketer.  The Voyager fleet card is accepted at over 230,000 locations nationwide.  The Voyager card is a trusted fleet card for businesses of all sizes to keep track of your fuel purchases locally and over the road.  To sign up for an account please give us a call at 724-627-3757 to discuss further.  Here is a link of the accepted locations:

Along with the introduction of our Voyager card, Stuck Enterprises has also developed Stuck’s Fleet Fueling which is a chain of card-lock fueling stations in PA, MD, and WV.  The locations are owned and operated by Jacobs Petroleum (Stuck Enterprises) and are open 24/7/365.  They offer Regular Gasoline, On-Road Diesel, Off-Road Diesel, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid by pump.

These locations also accept the following fleet/credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • WEX
  • Voyager
  • Fuelman
  • Comdata
  • EFS/TCH/TChek
  • FleetOne

Below is the card readers screen which also shows the cards accepted at all of the Stuck’s Fleet Fueling locations.